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CueScript introduces prompting solution specifically designed for Sony Electronics’ FR7 PTZ camera

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CueScript has introduced a custom teleprompter solution designed specifically for the Sony Electronics’ FR7 PTZ Camera at NAB 2023 (Booth C4421).

Available in four different models, CueScript’s custom FR7 PTZ prompting solution is comprised of the monitor, hood and mounting software. Models include the CSV2P19FR7 (19-inch CSMV2 On-Camera Prompter System), CSV2P17FR7 (17-inch CSMV2 On-Camera Prompter System) as well as the EMCP17FR7 (17-inch EMC On-Camera Prompter System) and the EMCP15FR7 (15-inch EMC On-Camera Prompter System).

“The FR7 is unique from other PTZ cameras in that it features a full-frame cinema sensor and interchangeable lenses,” said Michael Accardi, President, CueScript. “Our existing PTZ prompting solutions would not have worked for this camera since the form factor of this PTZ is so unique. We designed a custom prompting solution that ensures that the camera is in the ideal position for capture, gives customers access to the interchangeable lens and also provides a reliable, high-quality teleprompter.”

CueScripts’ monitors range from the higher-end CSV2 monitor line, which is ideal for broadcasting applications and larger studios. With the same CueScript principles of style, quality and ease of setup, the EMC line is comprised of a simplified middle market monitor that is commonly used at smaller stations and in vertical markets such as education and HOW. Both monitor lines come in various sizes to fit a range of use cases.

“We designed a range of prompt solutions for the FR7 to provide options for our customers, in terms of the monitor itself as well as the size of monitor that is preferred,” added Accardi. “Regardless of the application, presenters will notice a difference with CueScript’s prompters due to the high-resolution LED screens, high contrast ratio and super smooth scrolling from CueScript’s CueiT software.”

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