NDI focuses on ecosystem with Advanced offering, new certifications

Ahead of the 2023 NAB Show, NDI has unveiled plans to scale its protocol for further interoperability across the broadcast production spectrum along with introducing NDI Advanced and two certifications.

In a live-streamed event, NDI, along with ecosystem partners AMD, AVer, BirdDog, Mevo, and Ross Video, unveiled their vision for the future of video: where hardware, software, and cloud services seamlessly interoperate across a shared ecosystem.

“Video is no longer something traveling through the network. Instead, it is becoming the network itself: the videoverse. Thanks to the latest advancements in cloud computing, AI technology, and 5G networks, video is becoming truly ubiquitous and the main way in which humans and machines interact with each other,” said Tarif Sayed, NDI president and general manager.

That “videoverse” is also integrated in the company’s new tagline, “connecting the videoverse.”

During the event, NDI noted its commitment to investing in expanding its ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of maintaining seamless interoperability across all products, platforms, and industries. New marketing material for the protocol notes: “From world-class broadcast and production studios to consumer-grade video setups, NDI integrates easy-to-setup, low-latency and high-performance connectivity into any device and workflow. If your business uses video, NDI will connect it, regardless of context or limitations.”

With over six hundred thousand devices already NDI-enabled, the company aims to streamline video production processes and facilitate collaboration by developing a more cohesive landscape.

“Together with our growing ecosystem of adopters, we are developing the most efficient, easy-to-use, and interoperable technology for video connections everywhere – not just in the broadcast industry but also the broader content streaming market, as well as specialized industries such as healthcare, education and security that are demanding more efficient video technologies,” said Sayed.

NDI Advanced


NDI Advanced is a new bundled offering from NDI that includes access to NDI formats such as HX3 along with additional APIs and dedicated customer support.

NDI Certified and Works with NDI

For consistency, NDI has also added two new certification programs: NDI Certified, for products integrating features of NDI Advanced, and Works with NDI, for devices that do not require a native NDI integration but want to guarantee full compatibility with the NDI ecosystem.