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Audinate announces Dante Connect to enable cloud-based workflows

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Audinate, the developer of Dante, has announced the availability of Dante Connect, a suite of software applications that facilitate cloud-based broadcast production. 

Dante Connect gets Dante audio into the cloud so mixing engineers, operators and broadcast A1s can use it with production and editing suites accessed from anywhere. It transports audio to and from production software running in cloud-based virtual machines (VMs) that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Benefits of Dante Connect include: 

  • Local Dante devices connect directly to cloud services.
  • 256 channels of audio per VM.
  • Dante audio between cloud VMs allows endless expansion of capabilities.
  • Extend Dante Connect across multiple instances and regions for worldwide coverage.
  • Remote monitoring allows producers to check on audio over a lightweight webRTC connection without risk of interruption to source channels.

“Dante Connect lets broadcasters easily capture, mix and produce audio with efficient REMI workflows,” said Bryce Dunn, Senior Director of Product Management at Audinate. “It reduces the need for expensive OB trucks and ground crew and lets talented mixing engineers work from wherever they are located using centralized resources. This lowers expenses and enables many more events to be cost-effectively produced.”

Dante Connect is an ideal solution for broadcasters seeking to embrace remote production and REMI workflows. Audinate is pleased to announce that several key partners are announcing support for Dante Connect.

Amazon Web Services

As part of the roll-out of Dante Connect, Audinate is proud to be an Amazon Web Services Validated Partner and has completed the Foundational Technical Review (FTR) for Amazon Web Services. The FTR ensures that AWS Partner products and solutions adhere to a specific set of requirements based around security, reliability and operational excellence as defined by the AWS Well-Architected Framework.


The Waves Cloud MX mixer is a cloud-based production tool designed for the broadcast market. “Waves is delighted to join Audinate in announcing compatibility,” says Noam Raz, Waves Live Division General Manager. “Following the successful Waves Cloud MX AWS FTR, and with Cloud MX and Dante Connect’s proven interoperability, broadcast professionals can now benefit from a superior-sounding cloud-based mixer with high-precision mix control, easy deployment and uncompromising sound quality in a scalable, broadcast-ready cloud workflow. It includes award-winning Waves plugin integration for creative processing capabilities, such as the Dugan Automixer, playback leveler, noise suppression, bass enhancer, loudness meter, true peak limiter and more.”



Audiotonix is known for its Calrec and Solid State Logic (SSL) brands, each a stalwart of the broadcast industry. “As part of Audiotonix’s pioneering cloud-based audio broadcast production solutions we are very pleased to again collaborate with Audinate,” says Neil Hooper, Audiotonix Group Technology Officer. “Incorporating Dante Connect is a key element of our cloud platform, providing customers with true audio routing capabilities within virtualized cloud environments and remote connections. Leveraging technology from our premium broadcast brands, the collaboration between Calrec and SSL provides focused solutions where specific brand control surfaces and user interfaces remain true to their work-flow paradigms and operator user base.”


Riedel Communications’ Simplylive Production Suite is a cloud-based, modular solution for live production. “At Riedel Communications, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge live TV production solutions that streamline our clients’ workflows and make their lives easier,” says Pierre Mestrez, VP of Pre-Sales and Channel Partners at Riedel. “Thanks to our close partnership with Audinate, we are proud to be leading the way in cloud-based production, helping our clients to stay ahead of the curve and achieve new levels of success.”

Pierre continues, “We are thrilled to reaffirm our commitment to Audinate and excited to see the launch of Dante Connect, which seamlessly integrates audio streams in native cloud workflows. With Riedel’s Simplylive Production Suite, our clients can rest assured that their audio needs are fully integrated and optimized for the best possible results.”

HHB Communications

We are also excited to announce our first channel partner for Dante Connect, HHB Communications. The UK’s leader in pro audio technology, HHB is a long-time reseller of Dante Domain Manager and Dante-enabled products from a variety of manufacturers. “For the past forty years HHB Communications has had the opportunity to launch the latest pro audio technical innovations to the UK market,” comments Rob Waters, General Manager at HHB. “Dante Connect is the next step in cloud-based workflows and HHB looks forward to bringing this next-level technology to broadcast professionals across EMEA.”

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