Birmingham station brings ‘Gotta Be’ jingle to new generation

For decades, WBRC in Birmingham, Alabama, has used numerous variations of the “Gotta Be” jingle — and the station is carrying on the tradition with a new take.

The latest iteration of the campaign features the children of WBRC employees as a symbolic gesture to bridging the past and present with the “It’s gotta be Fox 6 News” message.

Non-professional singers also appear on-camera singing parts of the jingle, typically with a Fox 6 vehicle of some sort driving by. 

It’s not entirely clear when the song first hit the airwaves, but it goes back to at least 1996, according to archival footage the station posted.

The promo ends with a large staff shot in front of the station’s building. 

WBRC also uses the popular “On Your Side” tagline.

There have also been numerous iterations of the jingle recorded over the years, though the new promos do not feature any original music beyond what those people appearing on-camera singing the song.

Although not connected by anything other than network affiliation, KMSP in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, recently revived its “Wake Up with Fox 9” jingle.