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ASG enters into partnership with Zero Density

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Advanced Systems Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Zero Density.

ASG will now carry Zero Density’s line of real-time virtual studio, augmented reality, and graphics technology designed for broadcast, esports, and live events.

The partnership expands ASG’s systems integration portfolio with options from Zero Density’s extensive series of high-end, real-time virtual studio, AR/XR and broadcast on-air graphics solutions. “They have an exceptional technology that we can deploy at our clients’ sites to yield what we believe is some of the highest quality XR-based production,” explained Dave Van Hoy, President of ASG. “We’re also very impressed with their customer track record. They’re highly recommended by their existing client base. These are things that we evaluate carefully as we decide who to partner with.”

Zero Density is best known for Reality Engine – a real-time node-based compositing system that enables creative teams to stand out from the competition with next-generation Unreal Engine graphics. Reality Engine provides video I/O, keying, tracking, compositing, and rendering in one machine, making it easy to create photoreal 3D environments, AR graphics, XR productions and more – in real time.

Other company highlights are Zero Density’s tracking brand Traxis with its AI-powered talent tracker and camera tracker. Built for both LED sets and green screen cycloramas, these tracking solutions let broadcasters spend less time worrying about photorealism, giving more space to focus on creativity. Zero Density recently announced a major update to Traxis and a new software bundle that will make photorealistic graphics accessible to all broadcasters.

“They have a unique methodology for real-time rendering video wall backgrounds that when combined with their method of using camera tracking data makes a production much more photorealistic in real-time,” Van Hoy added. “They’re taking photorealistic XR to a new level. We believe it’s the highest quality available today.”

Yavuz Bahadıroğlu, Zero Density Director of Global Channel Management Director for the US & Canada, echoes Van Hoy’s optimism about the partnership: “We’ve seen the incredible work that ASG’s done with innovative installs, and we’re thrilled to be partnering with such a talented team. We foresee a very bright future from this collaboration and know that together, we can help creatives deliver more realistic, eye-catching visuals more easily than ever before.”


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