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Chyron updates Live platform with AI instant replay tool

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Chyron has updated Chyron LIVE with feature updates including a new AI-based instant replay tool that empowers production crews — especially those in single-operator scenarios — by automatically detecting and clipping major plays so they can be quickly and easily inserted into the live program. While currently available only for soccer, this tool will provide a technological foundation for various sports in future LIVE releases.

“Using the award-winning Chyron LIVE platform is like having a production assistant built into the system,” said Kristy Weir, product manager at Chyron. “By de-skilling what it takes to get broadcast-grade, pro-level production value, LIVE fits into our company’s grand plan of making all sports production tasks very simple, approachable, and accessible. The new AI-based instant replay tool — in addition to other upgrades such as automatic replay transitions, telestration improvements, and the ability to illustrate plays for deep sports analysis — ultimately changes the way users can capture and analyze game moments, enhancing any crew’s ability to provide engaging and insightful sports coverage.”

Chyron LIVE is an end-to-end production platform that provides operators with an all-in-one, browser-based interface for live video and audio mixing, graphic overlays, 3D telestration analysis, and more. Using the platform, operators can cut/mix live sources, adjust audio levels across all feeds, play out PRIME-quality graphic packages, create unlimited multimedia playlists, and produce live replays with telestration.

Version 1.4’s AI-based instant replay tool enhances production crews’ ability to create replay clips from live feeds. When the algorithm watches the camera inputs and recognizes an interesting play, such as a player taking a shot on net or a goal being scored, a small brain icon will light up in the bottom-left corner of the interface. When the operator clicks the icon, the platform generates a replay clip around that point of interest. For greater control and flexibility, users can manually adjust the start point of the AI-generated clip. This tool is especially useful for productions with a single operator or few staff, who can effortlessly generate broadcast-grade replays while handling their other tasks.

In addition to the instant replay tool, Chyron LIVE 1.4 also features an automatic replay transition effect and improvements to video telestration. The automatic replay transition effect triggers several actions that are commonly involved in a replay: queue up a transition wipe, play the graphic, start the clip, and animate the clip off with another transition, saving the operator the time of executing each action individually and bringing enterprise switcher efficiency to Chyron LIVE. Version 1.4 also makes the management of telestration effects much more intuitive, allowing operators to adjust the pathing keyframes and effect duration, and to delete specific effects from a saved clip without needing to start over.

Following Chyron LIVE’s previous 1.3 debut at the 2023 NAB Show, the new Matchpad module enabled users to seamlessly manage dynamic motion graphics for live soccer production via a visually intuitive control panel. With Matchpad, users can easily highlight important game elements — goals, yellow / red flags, lineups, substitutions, and more — as well as bring in sponsor graphics during key game moments. These graphic design elements are populated automatically from a simple configuration spreadsheet in which users can fill out team and player information and branding elements prior to the game. In Chyron LIVE 1.4, users have more time control tools in Matchpad with the ability to edit the game clock and add stoppage time to the clock at the end of each half, as well as a new list of hotkeys for rapid keyboard control over this essential tool.

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