Case Study: ARRI lights Spanish studio with IP-driven solution

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Regional Spanish broadcaster, Aragon TV, has elevated its production quality for the 2023 local elections by leveraging the consultancy and lighting network design expertise of ARRI Solutions.

Sinceits establishment in 2006, Aragon TV has remained steadfast in its commitment to informing its local communities about issues directly affecting their lives. Based in Zaragoza, the regional capital, the broadcaster’s main production facility encompasses three studios, where it carries out a rigorous schedule of daily live programming.

This year, Aragon TV embraced a comprehensive modernization project, starting with Studio 3, which marked the channel’s transition to 4K HD and the adoption of IP broadcast workflows. As part of this process, Aragon TV installed its first-ever LED video wall and implemented a new lighting and electrical design aimed at optimizing workflows, enhancing reliability, and significantly reducing operational and maintenance costs.

A key element of this transformation was ARRI Solutions’ development of a robust and flexible lighting network and a studio workflow integrated through an entirely IP-based lighting system.

“Transitioning to end-to-end IP, down to the very last fixture, delivers major technical and operational benefits, due to its clear and intuitive configuration,” said Alejandro Sanchez-Cuerda, Senior Solutions Architect ARRI EMEAI, who led the Aragon TV project. “Any broadcast engineer can quickly select, rig, and connect additional fixtures into the network, adjust existing set ups or troubleshoot issues quickly across the entire studio infrastructure.”

ARRI Solutions also introduced an unobtrusive trussing concept, updated the electrical and power distribution and implemented a variety of ARRI lighting fixtures for the new studio in collaboration with Video Cine Import, ARRI’s Spanish distributor.

The renovated 22 meter x 15.5 meter studio now boasts a three-segment LED wall from Alfalite, forming the backdrop for all of Aragon TV’s news programming. Complementing this are two smaller, mobile LED panels that can synchronize with the main backdrop. A suite of ARRI SkyPanel fixtures, installed on the ceiling trussing, provides versatile soft lighting and accurate color rendition throughout the facility.

“The ARRI Solutions team designed a truss system that incorporates internal channels to house all cabling, Ethernet, and power lines, which gives a very slick and seamless appearance to the studio,” said Carlos Martin, Chief Technical Production Manager Aragon TV. “This means we can utilize even more of the studio floorspace for productions, and teams can also configure the requirements for each program setup very quickly and easily. It’s a very practical innovation that allows our teams to spend their time on content production rather than long technical preparation.”


The newly modernized Studio 3 served as the venue for Aragon TV’s coverage of the regional elections, facilitating a range of content including candidate debates, specialized news reports, and election results analysis across the region.

Reflecting on the project, Martin said, “The new facility offered an exceptional platform for a critical news event for our viewers and ensured that our production values remained top-notch. The dedication and attention to detail displayed by the ARRI Solutions team throughout the project enabled us to continue our public service commitment to Aragon residents from a cutting-edge studio facility.”

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