Pittsburgh RSN rebrands with city-focused logo inspired by sister network

AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh has dropped the reference its former corporate parent and gotten a new logo that ties it to the sister network it gained under its sale.

Former owner Warner Bros. Discovery sold the RSN to Fenway Sports Group earlier in 2023. Fenway subsequently announced plans to drop the “AT&T” branding from its name, which was originally added when AT&T owned the network; the networks would eventually become part of WarnerMedia before that was sold to form WBD.

Fenway owns the Boston Red Sox, who play at Fenway Park, as well as Pittsburgh’s NHL franchise the Penguins. It also owns New England RSN NESN.

In Pittsburgh, Fenway opted to draw on inspiration from the logo it switched NESN to in 2019, drawing on that design’s flowing shapes and double lines to form a distinct yellow “P.”

That letter features two nicely curved “feet’ while three distinct strokes intertwine to form the rest of the letter’s shape. 

The icon is paired with black text, leaning on the popular black and yellow palette that has become synonymous with Pittsburgh; the city is the one where all of its major professional sports teams use the same colors — the Pirates, Steelers and Penguins — so it makes sense from a fan appeal standpoint to leverage those shades in a sports network.

The logo notably looks, at least at a quick glance, a bit like the Pittsburgh Pirates “P” logo. While under the AT&T name, the network did carry Pirates games, but no deal for the 2024 season has been announced. The network does not carry Steelers games as of 2023.

Current marketing materials feature the tagline “Home of the Penguins.” 


While the network name is spelled out in all caps in the logo, Fenway is keeping the camel case stylization of “SportsNet” as its official name. It also has opted to keep the construction of “SportsNet” before the market name.