Carnival Cruise Line promotes private island with mixed reality segment ahead of NFL game

Thanks to mixed reality, Carnival Cruise Line brought a virtual rendition of its upcoming private tropical paradise to the field at Levi’s Stadium in San Fransisco.

Working with The Famous Group and Initiative along with Fox Sports and SMT, the sponsored segment aired just before the kickoff of the San Fransico 49ers vs. Detroit Lions game on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2024.

The segment, which used multiple cameras outfitted with real-time tracking, made it appear that the entire field was briefly flooded before the waves ebbed to reveal a giant version of the Carnival logo on a sandy beach. 

Click here to watch the video (due to rights restrictions, we are unable to embed the video in this story).

As the view pulled back, various beach accouterments plopped down onto the sand to join the solo chair initially set up near the logo. 

The scene then shifted over the field to reveal a pool area with seating and umbrellas as a giant structure designed to look like a sand castle rose from the ground.

In reality, this structure will support water slides that will be the centerpiece of Celebration Key, Carnival’s private island slated to open in 2025.


Finally, viewers were treated to a wide view of much of the island with a large gold arch framing an aerial view of a Carnival ship along with the Celebration Key logo hovered over everything. 

The island is on the south side of Grand Bahama Island and will become a port of call for Carnival guests.

Jennifer Austin, Diana Tomassetti, Jacqueline Aran Quintana and Michael Muralles at Carnival worked with The Famous Group along with Gina Morrone, Ji Kim, Jason Martinetti and Morgan McAlister from Initiative. Jacob Ullman and Michael Davies at Fox also contributed expertise to the project.