46% of pay-TV subscribers show interest in smart more control features, survey finds

In recent findings by Parks Associates, a trend among pay-TV subscribers underscores a growing inclination towards integrating smart home and security functionalities within their TV services.

The research, titled “Video Services: Shifting Demand,” notes that nearly half (46%) of pay-TV subscribers express a favorable view of the potential to manage smart home devices and security solutions directly through their TV service.

This consumer study, surveying 8,000 U.S. internet households, offers a comprehensive analysis of the current landscape of traditional pay-TV, streaming TV and over-the-top (OTT) services. The report provides insights into consumer preferences, adoption rates, satisfaction levels, and the factors contributing to service churn while also exploring strategies to enhance the viewer experience and foster service loyalty.

Elizabeth Parks, president and CMO of Parks Associates, emphasized the significance of this trend, noting the merging landscapes of home ecosystems and entertainment technologies. According to Parks, consumers are increasingly seeking interconnected and technologically sophisticated home entertainment systems, which opens new avenues for innovation and service enhancement within the pay-TV sector.

The study also investigates the appeal of various advanced service features.

The ability to stream content from online video services directly through a pay-TV service emerged as the most coveted feature, with 66% of pay-TV households finding it appealing, including 49% who consider it “very appealing.”

This preference points towards a demand for bundled offerings that simplify content navigation and potentially enrich the overall value of pay-TV subscriptions.

Smart home management through pay-TV services ranks as the second most sought-after feature, surpassing other advanced functionalities such as cloud gaming, T-Commerce, interactive polls and sports betting. The appeal of smart home management is particularly notable among households already subscribed to a security service, with 65% expressing interest in controlling smart home devices via their pay-TV service.


“The interest in connected home services opens up new markets and opportunities for partnerships between traditional pay-TV providers, tech companies, and home automation system manufacturers,” Parks said. “These collaborations will lead to innovative service bundles, combining entertainment, information, and home management in new and valuable ways.”