CNN rolls out new morning schedule with very familiar looks

CNN unveiled most of its new morning lineup Feb. 26, 2024, with familiar looks.

CNN This Morning with Kasie Hunt,” made its debut that day, rebranding itself from its previous “Early Start” name and gaining an hour in the process.

The expanded show, which runs 5 to 7 a.m. eastern, adopted the “CNN This Morning” graphics, largely using the same look that debuted when the previous version of the show debuted Nov. 1, 2022.

This look features a light wood motif with colored accents, though elements using yellow and orange strips have been modified. The CNN logo created from jelly-like red honeycomb remains.

It also appears to have kept the same theme music, though it uses a slightly shortened cut and eliminates some of the more cheerful early notes and hard-hitting end.

CNN did not officially retitle “CTM” to add Hunt’s name, but the addition of “with Kasie Hunt” is being used here to differentiate between the two shows.

The biggest change is that the show is no longer using video wall graphics with storytelling, including over anchor VOs. Instead, Hunt sits in front of a Washington, D.C. skyline with a simulated glass railing emblazoned with a repeating show logo.


The show’s title is also inserted above the skyline view in a blue banner.

CNN’s decision to keep much of the same look has both pros and cons. It could help viewers tuning in at 6 a.m. when “This Morning” used to air, feel like the show is still there, though they will obviously be in for a surprise come 7 a.m.

On the other hand, the “This Morning” name and brand has largely become sullied by a series of talent shuffles and the high-profile firing of Don Lemon. It also never performed well in the ratings, so the decision to stick with the existing look, while perhaps economical, is odd when considering that point that could have driven a look to start over fresh.

Meanwhile, with the morning block of “CNN News Central” moving up an hour, the 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. blocks were replaced with “CNN Newsroom” branded shows that used the brand’s existing look, which date back to September 2017.

The look is largely red, white and blue with glassy accents and subtle light bursts and features a stylized “newsroom” logo and angled elements.

CNN previously used the “Newsroom” branding for much of its dayside rolling news coverage, much of which has now been given over to the two versions of “CNN NewsCentral,” though the name still was used on weekends.

A separate show, “CNN Newsroom Live,” airs early weekday mornings, typically produced from London. That show uses a different look, however.

Former weekend anchor Jim Acosta handles the 10 a.m. eastern hour and has his name added to the show open. Wolf Blitzer is serving as a temporary anchor for the 11 a.m. hour, which is slated to be rebranded as “The Bulletin with Pamela Brown” once Brown returns from family leave.

Despite his temporary duties, his name is also in the open and he’s adapted his famous “and you’re in the ‘Situation Room,” open to “and you’re in the CNN newsroom” (Blitzer also anchors an afternoon show under “The Situation Room” name).

A debut date for “The Bulletin” has not been established and it’s not clear what look that show might take on.

CNN’s decision to use the exiting “Newsroom” graphics again has both the advantage of having some continuity for viewers, some of whom might even remember the old weekday editions given they’ve only been off the air for less than a year.


That said, the look is significantly old — again, it debuted back in 2017 — and it does feel a bit dated.