Adobe announces Firefly Services and custom models AI

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Adobe has announced key advances in its generative AI offerings, including Adobe Firefly Services and Custom Models, to fundamentally change how brands create and produce content to deliver personalization at scale.

The new products were announced at Adobe Summit March 26, 2024.

With Firefly Services, brands can access over 20 powerful generative and creative APIs, tools and services that eliminate manual and repetitive tasks creative teams currently perform, to power localization and personalization efforts from resizing assets for different channels, to generating and expanding backgrounds for merchandising and e-commerce, to replacing scenery and language for localization. These capabilities are embedded into Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications and can also be deeply integrated into any production or experience workflow to scale the production of asset variations.

Custom Models enable enterprises to train and customize models. Custom models are easy to train and maintain and can be shared across an organization to support brand consistency amongst creative and marketing teams. By fine tuning their versions of Firefly models, organizations can generate content specific to their products and brand, from campaigns styles and backgrounds to objects, characters and subjects.

“As consumer expectations around generative AI-driven personalization continue to rise, Firefly Services and Custom Models are first-of-its-kind offerings that unlock the possibility for brands to have powerful customization capabilities and more control in defining their automation processes,” said David Wadhwani, president, digital media business, Adobe, in a statement. “Brands are urgently looking to Adobe to shift their generative AI investments from playgrounds to production.”

“The rising expectations for customer experiences have compelled brands to rethink how they produce and personalize marketing content at scale,” said Billy Seabrook, global chief design officer, IBM Consulting. “Adobe applications have been instrumental in our creative process, and now with Firefly, we can rapidly generate imagery and templates in a range of styles and sizes to align with brand standards and enable more people to participate in the creative process.

Adobe’s latest innovations allow creatives to free up time to focus on unique creative expression, as well as work on more strategic, higher-value work. Tasks that took weeks now can be done in days or even hours; an Adobe study for instance, showed that most creative professionals spend only about 30 percent of their time on creative work.

With Firefly Services, organizations can leverage Firefly models as well as over 20 generative and creative cloud APIs within existing production and experience workflows to scale the creation of asset variations. Teams can generate new content, make all the necessary edits such as resizing, replacing objects or backgrounds, and then assemble the content into finished assets that are ready for delivery. Firefly Services enable creative teams to better support their marketing counterparts, who are tasked with driving personalization at scale by delivering custom assets for different audience segments, markets and distribution channels. This is particularly crucial with the speed of channels such as social media, where fresh content is needed to keep customers engaged.


With Custom Models, now generally available, organizations can ensure that any generated outputs—including objects, backgrounds, and styles—are also on-brand. For most organizations, brand identity is one of the most valuable assets they own. Teams can now fine-tune Adobe’s generative AI models with their own assets (10 to 20 images) and instantly tailor Firefly to their needs. Strict governance and security controls also ensure that a brand’s content, data and workflows stay within the organization.

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