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Case Study: Sinclair’s WJLA uses Brightline lights in studio revamp

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Sinclair Broadcast Group’s WJLA, serving the Washington, DC metro area, recently debuted a revamped Studio A.

The new studio, designed by Sinclair’s in-house team, includes updated lighting fixtures from Brightline, the latest in a long-term relationship between the organizations.  

“Everything we learn from previous stations carries into the next,” said Eric Cercone, Sinclair’s assistant director of TV production. “It’s a very fluid way of working, with each station redesign further fine-tuning approach. I’ve learned and enjoyed so much working with my colleagues at Sinclair. The latest evidence is our work at WJLA, of which we’re extremely proud.”

WJLA’s news studio underwent a total redesign. The set, which includes a full Brightline fixture package, is the new home for “7News,” “Good Morning Washington,” and “Fed Government Today.”


In addition to the new 100% Brightline lighting system, the LED monitors weave in and around key areas of the set. The news desk has a digital screen displaying the 7News logo, while two pillars on each side of the desk serve as video walls with a curved panel behind the anchors. Along with XYZ axis pedestals and robotic cameras, the technology at WJLA is unparalleled.

Its creation coming directly through the U.S. Constitution, Washington D.C., a district of less than 10 miles square, is the “Seat of the Government of the United States” and a worldwide center with diverse cultural influences.

Informing the entire community along with the over 20 million annual visitors, domestic and international, is a gargantuan task that WJLA has met with dynamic creativity. The internal team at Sinclair handled everything from concept through installation, including the scenic design, resulting in a control and efficient consistency that contributed to the project’s brilliant success.

Brightline has lit over 100 SBG studios in the last decade, including The Tennis Channel and Bally Sports. 

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