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BeckTV ups Brendan Cline, Paul Nijak, Matt Weiss to managing partner roles

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BeckTV, a systems integrator for the broadcast media industry, today announced the promotions of Brendan Cline, Paul Nijak and Matt Weiss to managing partner.

All highly experienced industry professionals and experts in their respective positions, Cline, Nijak and Weiss have long played a role in BeckTV’s strategic direction. As managing partners, they will work closely with BeckTV’s executive team to align strategic objectives, foster innovation, and uphold the company’s reputation for delivering high-quality, turnkey systems and exceptional client service.

In addition to serving as managing partner, Cline is vice president of engineering and is responsible for driving BeckTV’s engineering initiatives. He has 20 years of experience in broadcast engineering and systems integration, half of it with BeckTV. During his tenure, Cline has designed and implemented cutting-edge systems for major media organizations throughout the country.

With an extensive background in operations management within the media industry, Nijak assumes the role of Vice President and General Manager along with that of managing partner. He oversees BeckTV’s day-to-day operations, focusing on how the team can increase value for clients by operating more efficiently.

As vice president of business development and managing partner, Weiss uses his nearly 30 years of experience in broadcast engineering and business strategy to cultivate client relationships and drive BeckTV’s growth. He will continue to build on his record and expand the company’s market presence.

“Brendan, Paul, and Matt have combined expertise, leadership skills, and a deep understanding of the media and entertainment landscape that make them all highly valued members of BeckTV’s leadership team,” said BeckTV President Fred Beck. “With them as managing partners, I expect nothing but continued success and innovation for the company, just as they have been delivering for the past three years.”


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