DJI adds new cinematography products: DJI RS 4, DJI RS 4 Pro, and DJI Focus Pro

By NewscastStudio

DJI has announced the release of three new products: the DJI RS 4, DJI RS 4 Pro, and DJI Focus Pro.

These products are available for immediate purchase and are designed to enhance the functionality of cinematographic equipment.

DJI RS 4: Stabilizer for mirrorless cameras

The DJI RS 4 is a stabilizer compatible with mainstream mirrorless cameras and lenses, capable of supporting up to 3kg (6.6lbs). It features an extended tilt axis, a fourth-generation stabilization algorithm, and a high-capacity battery grip that extends runtime. The RS 4 also includes a redesigned gimbal horizontal plate, upgraded automated axis locks, remote camera shutter and lens zoom control, an OLED touchscreen with an automatic screen lock, and intelligent features such as Motionlapse and Track.

DJI RS 4 Pro: Enhanced stabilizer with increased payload capacity

The DJI RS 4 Pro, constructed with carbon fiber, supports a payload of up to 4.5kg (10lbs) and offers a 20% increase in motor torque. It includes a Car Mount mode for vehicle shoots, the DJI Focus Pro LiDAR Autofocus system for improved subject edge detection, and the Next-Gen ActiveTrack Pro for reliable subject tracking. The RS 4 Pro supports various configurations and professional solutions, making it versatile for cinematographic use.

DJI Focus Pro: Independent LiDAR focus system


The DJI Focus Pro is an independent LiDAR focus system with a modular design and AMF mode for manual and auto focus transitions. It features a Focus Pro Grip with a full-color touchscreen, auto-calibration, and data storage for 15 lenses. The Magnetic Damping FIZ Hand Unit and FIZ Motor provide enhanced focus control, with the motor offering a 30% faster speed and low latency.

Pricing and Availability

The DJI RS 4 is priced at $549, the DJI RS 4 Pro at $869, and the DJI Focus Pro at $999 for all three modules. These products are available for purchase through the DJI store and other outlets. For more information, visit the DJI website.