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Mediagenix showcases FAST automation, content scheduling tools at NAB Show 2024

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At NAB Show, Mediagenix will showcase how broadcast networks and cable operators can monetize streaming platforms and accelerate their go-to-market by optimizing content strategy and planning, maximizing content value and automating FAST and VOD implementations. The company will be demonstrating an array of technologies at booth W2066 in West Hall, April 14-17- from strategic planning and AI-optimized ratings prediction to collaborative title management and automated FAST scheduling.

Broadcast networks who are eager to take advantage of streaming TV opportunities need a solution capable of providing automated scheduling of FAST and VOD implementations. “At NAB Show, we plan to demonstrate just how easy it is to introduce any content provider into the world of streaming using automation,” said Emmanuel Müller, Managing Director Americas at Mediagenix. “As viewers continue to embrace free ad-supported over subscriber models, cable companies stand to drive higher ARPU with ad revenue from the ad-supported streaming TV bundles they own. For cable operators looking to stabilize subscribers and generate new revenue streams, offering new streaming and on-demand apps viewable across TVs, phones, and tablets will be key. Mediagenix’s platform supports cross-device linear and streaming content models, helping cable companies deliver premium programming anywhere, anytime, on any device.”

Broadcast and cable companies need to continuously adjust content strategy, content value management and content scheduling amid ever-increasing complexities.

The latest innovative SaaS tools showcased at NAB Show will add the velocity, visibility, and control essential for optimizing content lifecycles and content ROI across multiple platforms, geographies and business models.

  • Ratings Artist: Award-winning AI tool that instantly and accurately provides predictive analytics and scoring for all content types, with dedicated predictions per target demographic.
  • FAST Scheduling Artist: State-of-the-art FAST automation that instantly schedules a qualitative, legally correct and ready-to-air FAST channel that engages viewers, promotes content, and drives commercial revenue—all at the push of a button.
  • Title Management: One source of truth across all titles.
  • Strategic Planning: Channel manager’s tool for crafting high-level content-centric scenarios that align audience engagement with business objectives and provide a seamless handoff to long-term scheduling.
  • BI Studio: Self-service business intelligence (BI) app for real-time content and audience intelligence, closing the loop between operational KPIs and the strategic plan.
  • VOD Scheduling: Tool for elegantly addressing an increasing range of content monetization models.

With the continued expansion of our FAST automation and VOD offerings across new markets, increased penetration into new customer segments, and global expansion, Mediagenix continues to further innovation and insight as a global leader in streaming content technology and operations.

Mediagenix will be at NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas, April 14-17, at booth W2066 in the West Hall.

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