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7fivefive introduces enhancements in Lens 2024 Release

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7fivefive, a leading media systems and broadcast workflow engineering company has announced the launch of Lens 2024 ahead of NAB 2024, featuring a host of enhancements designed to streamline workflow and enhance user experience.

The latest release, Lens 2024, introduces several significant improvements, including:

  • Pool and Session Management Features: In Lens 2024, pool management has been significantly enhanced with the addition of dynamic pools to enable administrators to create sets of rules based on a variety of platform and workstation attributes that can easily be re-used across multiple pools. The ability to add or remove from these pools can help to reduce operational overheads. In addition to dynamic pools, pool access control has also been added natively to the Lens UI in the new release. Session management tools have also been upgraded to offer administrators better control of idle detection with the ability to assign users to specific workstations through the Lens Portal allocation management interface.
  • New Integrations: Lens 2024 now natively supports the HP Anyware Manager service and, adding to the current AWS FSx storage integration, it also supports Pixitmeda’s Ngenea data acceleration platform. As well as supporting share and server monitoring, Lens 2024 adds a variety of new widgets to visualize how the Ngenea system is being used all from one place, helping administrators keep storage costs under control by delivering a snapshot of where the data is and how it is being stored.
  • Lens Workstation Agent: Through a revamped interface, users can more easily troubleshoot installation and operational issues. The new look agent now supports Linux for graphics and color-grading workflows, and with the introduction of actionable notifications and messages, administrators will soon be able to send direct messages to users or broadcast messages to all users, promising improved communication and workflow efficiency.

In addition, the UI has also been upgraded to enhance the seamless experience users have come to expect from Lens. New customisable features start from the portal’s title and login page, and unlike previous versions where these would be localised to a user’s machine, any customisations to widgets and dashboards now follow users wherever they go.

Lens 2024 has also been elevated to show a level of detail not seen in previous versions. The workstation widget has the addition of contextual information and administrators can now clearly see which workstations are in use by local/op-premise users. This ease-of-use approach continues through to scheduling with the new “Replace” copy mode and the introduction of the “Tiles” grid view is a great way to view key information quickly, making in-depth details more accessible from a single page.

Lens, first released in 2023, is a central resource management portal to combine, monitor, and manage media workflows. Lens gives users the ability to manage multiple cloud, hybrid and on prem environments, in one customisable platform.
Tim Burton, Managing Director, 7fivefive, commented: “We are delighted to introduce Lens 2024 with enhancements designed to elevate the user experience. Our team remains committed to innovation and continuous improvement, and this release underscores our dedication to providing our users with cutting-edge solutions that meet their evolving needs.”

7fivefive will be hosting demonstrations of the newly released Lens 2024 alongside other Pixitmeda technology partners at NAB 2024 in booth SU4100.

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