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NPAW unveils second-generation NaLa AI companion for accelerated issue resolution at NAB 2024

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NPAW, focused on advanced video streaming analytics and optimization, announced today the launch of its second-generation AI companion, NaLa, at the NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas. Now smarter, more powerful, and more flexible, NaLa 2.0 can analyze large amounts of data collected in the NPAW Suite, and pinpoint the cause of issues in record time, helping video services mitigate problems faster to protect viewer satisfaction and reduce costs.

The versatility of NaLa 2.0 has expanded, supporting more methods for uncovering insights. Whether you prefer voice commands, text input, or even interacting through email, NaLa’s intuitive interface delivers quick, accurate answers in almost every language. The responses extend beyond text and graphs; NaLa can even supply source code to assist with API requests and plugin integration. Users can also request root cause identification and other complex analyses directly from a chart with just a few clicks.

It goes a step further in democratizing data access within organizations, empowering every single member of the team to become a data expert. This means they can access business-critical intelligence effortlessly by using NaLa 2.0.

“NaLa 2.0 reflects our dedication to harnessing artificial intelligence to enhance video service providers’ operations and user experience,” stated Ferran G. Vilaró, CEO and Co-Founder of NPAW. “By significantly minimizing the time, resources, and expertise required to pinpoint issues, it accelerates problem-solving processes. Rapid identification of buffering issues translates to swift resolutions, safeguarding user satisfaction and profitability.”

In addition to NaLa 2.0, NPAW will introduce NAB attendees to the latest updates across its product portfolio. Highlights include new quality metrics for a more comprehensive view of the streaming infrastructure, updates to the Product Analytics solution to optimize content strategy, UI/UX, and campaigns, and the NAB debut of the NPAW Device Probe (NDP) for last-mile video device monitoring and automated service quality management.

NPAW is also featuring CDN Balancer, a smart system for optimizing CDN selection based on user-perceived quality and business goals. The company’s partner, Codavel, which offers low-cost CDN traffic with an outage-free, high-quality guarantee thanks to NPAW’s CDN Active Switching technology, will be joining the booth as a special guest.

NPAW’s booth is W1421 in West Hall at the 2024 NAB Show.


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