Ross Video launches Artimo robotic camera system

By NewscastStudio

Ross Video has launched Artimo, a free-roaming studio robotics camera solution.

Designed to meet the demands of modern broadcast and production environments, Artimo offers unparalleled movement and control for producers and directors.

Artimo addresses the common challenges faced with traditional studio camera movement solutions such as pedestals, dollies and jibs.

It offers quiet, fast, programmable moving shots without the limitations of fixed rails, markers, or the need for perfectly smooth studio surfaces. Artimo’s elevation system delivers a wide range of camera heights, from below the desk to above head height, supporting a full payload, including broadcast cameras, lenses, teleprompters and talent monitors.

Artimo is meticulously crafted to meet the needs of engineers, set designers, producers, and creative directors. This revolutionary system is suited for various applications, from new studios, to upgrading older robotic systems, and can make the transition from manual operations to automated environments easy, while enhancing the visual appeal of productions.

“With traditional broadcast studios changing, increasing use of LEDs, more versatility from studios, and the need to have more on-air movement to engage and entertain the audience, we designed Artimo,” says Karen Walker, vice president of camera motion systems, in a statement. “Artimo redefines studio robotics, removing known issues and providing an enhanced experience.”

Key benefits include:

  • Versatile floor compatibility: Artimo’s advanced design enables smooth operation across virtually any hard indoor flooring, removing the need for specialized studio modifications.
  • Dynamic movement: Capture compelling on-air shots with Artimo’s extensive range of movement. From swift, ground-level angles to expansive overhead perspectives, Artimo delivers cinematic fluidity and precision.
  • Intelligent navigation: Equipped with cutting-edge geofencing and LiDAR, Artimo ensures safe and uninterrupted operation, maneuvering around obstacles with ease and precision.
  • On-air aesthetic: Artimo is functional and designed with aesthetics in mind. Its sleek, modern appearance complements on-air visuals, supported by integrated cable management for a clutter-free studio environment.
  • Rapid responsiveness: Artimo stands out for its ability to quickly transition between shots, minimizing setup time and maximizing creative potential without the typical constraints of traditional systems.