Ross Video launches new robotic camera solution, weather graphics system

At the 2024 NAB Show, Ross Video announced a range of products and software updates, including a new roving robotic camera pedestal and new weather solution. These new products join a variety of updates across the company’s product line. 

Ross Video also announced the acquisition of Bannister Lake, giving the company an HTML5 graphics solution. 

Studio Robotics: Artimo
One of the standout launches was Artimo, a studio robotic camera solution that combines advanced robotics with fluid, dynamic movements. Artimo offers the flexibility of a free-roaming pedestal, enabling operators to create precise, repeatable shots while maintaining a streamlined, maintenance-friendly solution.

Weather Graphics: Raiden
In the realm of weather graphics, Ross Video unveiled Raiden, a data-driven solution powered by the XPression real-time motion graphics engine. Raiden seamlessly integrates data gathering, processing, and visualization tools, allowing weather teams to generate engaging content quickly and easily.

Production Switchers: TouchDrive and Carbonite Code
The company also expanded its TouchDrive lineup of control surfaces for production switchers with the introduction of the TDx4 and TDx3 panels. These innovative panels feature touch, swipe, and gesture control options, catering to the demands of technical directors and vision mixers.

Carbonite Code, a software-based production switcher optimized for NDI workflows, debuted at the show. This groundbreaking solution combines the reliability of Ross Video’s Carbonite range with the efficiency and low latency of NDI video transport technology.

Motion Graphics: XPression Updates
Significant updates were made to the XPression real-time motion graphics system, including new 2RU and 4RU M9 engines with advanced front panel display functionality. The addition of HTML5 outputs for streaming channels and cloud-based production work further enhances XPression’s capabilities.

Ingest and Playout: Media I/O v10
Media I/O v10, the world’s most flexible and scalable ingest and playout server, received the new Aura web-based interface, offering a superior user experience with powerful features such as a visual scheduler, native MAM integration, and a multiviewer with full transport controls.


Mark-Based Production: Quorum 2.0
Quorum, the mark-based production system, received a major update with version 2.0. This user-friendly solution generates professional-quality outputs from meetings and assemblies, with the ability to scale to multiple rooms for maximum efficiency.

Video Editing: Streamline Web-Based Editor
Streamline, the web-based video editor accessible on any connected device, is set to launch in the summer of 2024. This addition to the Streamline MAM platform drives advanced collaboration and increased efficiency in the fast-paced world of broadcast and news.

Video Image Processing: Mosaic
To support the growing demands for high-quality video content on large-scale displays, Ross Video introduced the next-generation Mosaic Video Image Processor. Mosaic seamlessly delivers unparalleled video image quality with pixel-perfect accuracy on screens exceeding 49 million pixels in UHD mode or 20 million pixels in HD mode.

Automated Production Control: CX-D Panel
In the realm of automated production control, the company unveiled the CX-D Panel, the evolution of the Sidebox line. Designed for increased durability and precision control, the CX-D Panel offers customization options and streamlined configuration.

Newsroom Computer System: Inception v17 and Mobile App 2.1
Finally, Ross Video’s newsroom computer system, Inception, received version 17 updates, including a side-by-side revision editor and XPression DataLinq™ integration for real-time access to on-air information. The Inception Mobile app 2.1 introduces a Rundowns view and landscape mode, enhancing real-time visibility and information access for journalists on the go.

These new products and updates are available for demo at the Ross Video NAB Show booth, SL2005.