BET, Tyler Perry extend deal, 10 shows get renewals

Tyler Perry has signed a significant new agreement with Paramount Global’s BET Media.

The deal calls for BET to pick up new seasons of 10 of the series Perry currently produces for the linear channel and BET+ streamer, along with adding a new one.

“Tyler Perry’s Sistas” will get an eighth season and “Tyler Perry’s The Oval” will move on to a sixth season. Two shows will get fifth seasons on BET: “Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living” and “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne,” the latter of which had one season in syndication and five on TBS.

Over on BET+, “Tyler Perry’s ZATIMA,” “Tyler Perry’s Ruthless,” “All The Queen’s Men,” “Tyler Perry’s BRUH,” “Tyler Perry’s Perimeter” and “The Michael Blackson Show” will also get another season. BET+ also greenlighted crime drama “Tyler Perry’s 187,” which is slated to begin in 2025.

Paramount and Perry’s current deal was set to expire in 2024, and this new agreement builds upon that.

Perry first signed with Paramount back in 2017. Shows were developed, and the first premiere was in 2019. Since then, he’s produced around 700 episodes for the network and streamer. Under the old deal, he was producing around 90 new episodes of content each year. 

Perry handles executive producer, writer and directing duties for all of the shows.

He is a minority stakeholder in BET+.


In 2023, Paramount considered selling BET Media. Perry was one of the potential buyers before Paramount opted to hang on the asset instead. 

Perry has a separate deal with Netflix that calls for first looks at film projects. Originally, BET had first-right privileges with Perry, but that has changed. Meanwhile, Perry has a four-film deal with Amazon as well.