FAST Tubi adding live MMA, football content with DAZN partnership

By NewscastStudio

Tubi, the Fox-owned free ad-supported streaming television service, is venturing into the arena of live sports thanks to a deal with U.K. streamer DAZN.

The deal calls for Tubi to launch three channels for U.S. and Canadian users.

DAZN TV and DAZN Ringside, which focus on mixed martial arts, and DAZN Women’s Football (North American soccer), will both feature a mix of live and recorded sports programming. DAZN TV also includes some general interest sports programming as well as soccer offerings.

DAZN Ringside will be available to U.S. consumers with DAZN TV streaming to Canadian ones.

DAZN Women’s Football focuses on the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

These new channels mark Tubi’s entry into the live sports FAST market. Despite the channels being fairly niche, the move could still be significant as a significant strategic step by Tubi. 

Many other streamers, both free and paid, have been bolstering their offerings with live sports, including picking up games long held by legacy media rights holders. While many of these offerings tend to be niche or lower-tier leagues, there have been some key moves to put more general interest sporting matchups on streamers. 

In some cases, these matches appear to be an effort to attract viewers or subscribers with so-called tentpole content that may end up resulting in a loss leader of sorts for the streamer.