Promo roundup: What ‘drives’ us? ‘What does that mean? Chopper 2, get the ‘Backstory’ and more

Here’s a look at some news promos created by stations across the country.

WTSP ‘What drives 10 Tampa Bay’ promos

What drives 10 Tampa Bay? That’s the theme of a new set of promos WTSP in St. PetersburgTampa, Florida, is running.

The spots draw their visual inspiration from the station’s “groovy” logo in the form of sets of five computer-generated stripes added into the real-life scenes show in the promo. These lines mirror the logo’s five line structure and the colors, white and teal, also echo the logo design.

These lines snake around various parts of the scenes, and help emphasize the idea of forward motion. 

KABC ‘ABC 7 Eyewitness News at 4’ promo

This promo, similar others that KABC is Los Angeles, California, as been produced, focuses on the station’s 4 p.m. newscasts and showcases its commitment to “live, local, everywhere.”

The spot feels both hard-hitting and friendly and is packed with plenty of color video.

KSBW ‘Fox 5 Morning News’ promo

This morning newscast promo centers around the theme of KSWB in San Diego, California’s, morning team explaining their show and, eventually gathering around the station’s circular anchor desk.


The approach here is decidedly friendly and fresh.

WPTA ’21 Alive: What does that mean?’ promo

In this harder-hitting promo for WPTA, the announced proclaims the station as the “leader” in local news before an anchor appears on camera asking “but what does that even really mean?” The spot goes on to explain that question to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, viewers.

Various talent are shown throughout the station along with bold lettering emphasizing key words. There’s some detailed compositioning going on here, with one scene switching between a stylized background to live shot look. The typography has also been carefully stylized to sometimes peek behind or in front of on-screen elements.

WGN ‘Backstory with Larry Potash’ promo

This dramatic promo for the newest season of “Backstory with Larry Potash,” which airs on WGN in Chicago, combines clips from the upcoming episodes, stylized on-screen graphics and some dramatic musical cuts.

The promo seems to be channeling its inner “Dateline” with a bit of “America’s Most Wanted” sprinkled in thanks to Potash’s wardrobe.

WESH ‘Chopper 2’ promo

As stations cut back on news choppers, WESH in Orlando, Florida, is busy promoting its Chopper 2 as a vital newsgathering tool in a fast-paced promo.

The spot breaks down some of the ways having a chopper makes covering news fast, including the ability to bring viewers breaking news, showcasing changes in the city from a different angle and, of course, weather and traffic updates. The spot also nicely ties into the station’s modified “LLL” tagline: “Local. Live. Latebreaking.”

WLS ‘ABC 7 Eyewitness News This Morning’ promo

In this morning news promo, the Chicago station’s morning team appears in interview-like shots explaining their love of the city and the role their newscasts play in it.

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