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OpenDrives adds IBM Aspera Container for media file transfer

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OpenDrives has expanded its growing list of productivity-boosting containers to include IBM Aspera (Aspera).

OpenDrives supports running containers like Aspera directly on the Atlas software-defined platform, bringing critical applications closer to the data, enhancing security, scalability and performance. The unique approach mitigates the need for additional servers, reducing costs and simplifying complex production deployments and support. OpenDrives containerized applications cover a number of key workflows and vendors including DaVinci Resolve post-production solution, Iconik media asset management and Signiant file transfer.

“There was a time when hardware stood as the pivotal differentiator in enterprise solutions. Times have undoubtedly shifted,” states Trevor Morgan, VP of Product, OpenDrives. “Our Atlas software platform provides superior data handling and routing solutions that outpace any hardware performance increases. Its modern software architecture offers a plethora of valuable features and conveniences, like the Atlas Aspera container, that elevates operational efficiency while also delivering an exceptional user experience for our customers.”

Containers enable customers to streamline costs by running only the necessary application dependencies, reducing resource needs and operational oversight. Noah Gusdorff, founder and CEO of Creative Mobile Solutions, Inc., OpenDrives business partner and system integrator, summarized his experience using the new Atlas Aspera container on a large-scale sports production that spanned a dozen venues: “Less hardware, faster deployment, minimal support. Same great performance. Atlas containers are a game changer for vastly simplifying productions and minimizing support headaches.”

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