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Canon announces new PTZ firmware updates lending greater control and operability

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Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, announced today that an upcoming firmware update for key models in its Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) line of cameras will provide a variety of new features and improvements the CR-N700, CR-N500, CR-N300, CR-N100, CR-X300 PTZ cameras, RC-IP1000 controller, and the Remote Camera Control Application. Notably, the firmware will include a limited feature version of the Auto Tracking Add-On Application on supported cameras* at no charge.

Improved Auto Tracking Add-On Application and free auto tracking lite version

Enhancements to the Auto Tracking Add-On Application results in smoother, more natural pan tilt movement, and algorithm improvements to help maintain tracking of the desired subject even when crossing paths with others. Canon will also be including in the firmware update a free lite version of the Auto Tracking Add-On application. Named Auto Tracking Lite, this free version provides the same smooth and precise auto tracking experience as the paid version, but without some of the advanced customizations that are available in the full licensed version.

CR-N700 color and virtual production enhancements

The firmware will further enhance the CR-N700 in multi-camera use with the addition of Canon 709 / BT.709 Gamma/ Color Space support, G Gain support, and expanded RGB pedestal range, which will allow for easier color matching with other cameras. Virtual production will also see a big benefit as there will be a large increase in available Clear Scan frequencies which allow the CR-N700 to be able to be used with many more LED walls and virtual environments

CR-N100 – CR-N300 improved USB and low light performance

The CR-N100 and CR-N300 will also see some significant improvements with this firmware. Their performance when in USB webcam mode will see a significant boost with higher frame rates and the addition of YUV format, allowing the CR-N100 and CR-N300 to be used more in the Corporate and Education markets. These cameras (along with the CR-X300) will also see a new image mode that will help reduce noise in low light environments.

Improved camera control experience

Canon will also improve the experience of controlling PTZ cameras with this firmware. This firmware will increase the number of Zoom and Focus steps available and adjust the preset movement speed curve, providing users with smoother more precise movement. Users will now be able to set limits on Pan and Tilt Range of motion, which will assist both experienced and novice users alike to avoid moving the camera beyond the intended shooting area.

RC-IP1000 enhancements

Updates to the RC-IP1000 controller includes support for the EOS C400 camera, the ability to display the Camera Multi-view, Preset / Trace list on an external monitor via HDMI and SDI, and ability to display Waveform, Vectorscope, Marker display, and Focus Guide on controller screen providing the user with more tools at their fingertips. The firmware will also enable the copying of a camera setting from one camera to many, and adds support for Elgato Stream Decks for camera select, preset, and multi preset triggering. The XC protocol will also be updated to allow 3rd party control systems to send commands to the RC-IP1000 for greater compatibility (i.e. video switcher changing camera being controlled). Controls of the Auto Tracking Application on the RC-IP1000 have also been enhanced with new features, such as the ability to touch to select the tracked subject and the ability to position the subject in the frame by moving the silhouette directly on the display.

Remote Camera Control Application (RCCA) enhancements

An updated version of The Remote Camera Control Application (RCCA) for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems will also see a variety of additional functionality. The updated version will add support for the EOS C400 camera, and support control of both the Auto Tracking and Auto Loop PTZ Add-On Applications.


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