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Amagi strengthens European presence with the inauguration of a new office in Poland

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Amagi is focusing on engaging with the vibrant young technology talent in Poland as it inaugurates a new office in the bustling center of Łódź.

This move underlines Amagi’s dedication to harnessing the exceptional technology skills found in Poland, aiming to shape the future of global media and entertainment.

Poland has strategically positioned itself as a magnet for tech innovation. Its robust educational system produces engineering, computer science, and other tech-related graduates. This abundance of skilled professionals and a supportive environment make Poland a prime location for companies looking to tap into the global tech scene.

“The inauguration of this innovation center in Central Europe marks a key milestone in Amagi’s journey,” says Baskar Subramanian, co-founder and CEO of Amagi, in a statement. “This center will provide a platform for Polish technology professionals to serve our global customers, underscoring Amagi’s strategic vision of being a frontrunner in the cloud-based live broadcast technology domain.”

“The entry of Amagi into our market is a significant event for our technology sector,” says Adam Pustelnik, First Deputy Mayor of the City of Łódź. This industry is growing rapidly and constantly needs new solutions, specialists, and a specific talent pool. We are delighted to collaborate with such an innovative company and support the development of our City together. I believe that Amagi, as a strong global brand, will help strengthen Łódź’s position in the global media technology market.”

In 2023, Amagi expanded its global footprint by acquiring Tellyo, a Polish company specializing in broadcast technology solutions. This strategic move marked Amagi’s initial foray into the Polish market and proved to be a significant growth catalyst for the company. The talented Polish development teams are now at the forefront of several of Amagi’s industry-leading products, including Tellyo STUDIO, a platform designed to streamline live content production and delivery, and Tellyo PRO, a suite of tools tailored explicitly for high-pressure live broadcast environments like elections and significant sporting events, such as the Olympics.

“At Amagi, we’re driven by four core values that empower everyone in our ecosystem, from employees to customers, to thrive and reach their full potential truly,” says Prasad Menon, Chief People Officer at Amagi. “Our Polish team perfectly embodies this philosophy. Their exceptional talent, dedication, and deep understanding of technology fuel the development of our industry-leading solutions. Their ability to deliver cutting-edge products like Tellyo Studio and Tellyo Pro ensures Amagi continues to meet the ever-changing needs of the global media landscape.”

Amagi has significantly increased its customer base in the European region. It now delivers services to large media and entertainment industry players like DAZN, Grupa Polsat-Interia, and many more. Amagi also delivers linear channels in over 40 countries worldwide, with a strong presence in the American market. Its global client list includes ABS-CBN, AccuWeather, A+E Networks UK, Cineverse, and more.


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