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Imagine sets new standard for speed of ad placement with latest advances in xG Linear

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As part of the company’s commitment to help its customers drive efficiency and increase revenue, Imagine Communications is introducing the latest advances in xG Linear, the leading advertising management platform for MVPDs in North America. The new xG PlacerPlus feature will enable the many media organizations that rely on xG Linear to reduce ad placement time by up to 90 percent and utilize inventory more effectively to drive profitability. The enhanced placer is available immediately as part of xG Linear version 2.6.

xG Linear is an enterprise-level ad management solution that empowers MVPD operations with proven ad placement, copy management, schedule optimization, and real-time visibility​. Deployable as an on-premises or cloud-hosted platform, xG Linear easily integrates leading ad tech partners through open APIs and scales seamlessly to 10,000 headends to match the volume and complexity of any growing sales operation.

The new xG PlacerPlus feature not only reduces ad placement time, but also helps operators determine how to make the most money with that placement. If a new high-value order comes in, the enhanced placer can automatically bump lower-cost ads into other spots, ensuring that high-value ads are placed into higher value inventory.

“Media companies around the world have long relied on Imagine ad tech products to monetize their businesses, and they trust us to continually invest in innovation that will help them move their businesses forward,” said Rob Malcolm, general manager, ad tech, at Imagine Communications. “The latest advances in our well-established xG Linear platform underscore Imagine’s commitment to continuously make improvements that will help our customers work smarter and maximize revenue today — and successfully navigate a converged linear/digital future to achieve sustainable, profitable growth.”

Following are some of the key features and benefits of xG PlacerPlus:

Increase revenue

The new xG PlacerPlus enables media companies to increase revenue by more effectively utilizing inventory and improving distribution of ad units. Advanced features include automated vertical and horizontal spot movement, improved orbit placement logic, and the option to use cost-per-second in place of rate when ranking ad units.

Improve workflow efficiency

With xG PlacerPlus, MVPDs can boost workflow efficiency with automation that dramatically reduces the need to make manual schedule viewer changes. Operations teams can save multiple hours per week, streamlining their day. Color-coded ad unit icons in the schedule viewer further enhance efficiency, assisting operations teams in quickly identifying applicable ad unit inventory.

Prepare for convergence

Ad Unit Classification capabilities enable user-defined tracking of nonlinear ad units at the order line level, enabling media organizations to seamlessly transition to converged workflows, effectively track impression-based ad units and efficiently manage ad campaigns across all TV channels, including linear, CTV, and FAST.​


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