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Intracom brings an AI assistant to cloud customers with introduction of Xander

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Intracom Systems, LLC, the pioneer behind VCOM, the world’s first and most extensively utilized IP matrix intercom, is bringing another first to communication systems with the introduction of Xander, the only AI assistant optimized for matrix intercoms. Xander performs administrative tasks, automates system customization and configuration, and provides users with 24/7/365 tech support. Xander, currently in Beta testing, will be available as a standard feature to all Intracom VCOM Cloud subscribers.

Stephen Brand, Intracom’s CEO, stated, “At Intracom we are providing the tools our customers need to maximize their communications experience. We are now so excited to introduce Xander, the world’s first AI assistant for matrix intercoms. Xander opens the door to countless and exciting possibilities, and we look forward to expanding the boundaries of matrix intercoms to even higher levels and sharing this journey with our customers.”

Xander brings new efficiencies to matrix intercoms by allowing users to program and engage in complex multi-channel communications with simple voice or text commands rather than traditional user interfaces. Once users and system administrators log into a secure private instance, Xander is immediately ready to fulfill commands. The AI assistant simplifies VCOM system administration tasks by automatically dialing phone numbers and easily adding users, Party Lines, or Fixed Groups to the system. Other tasks Xander handles include activating selectors and placing interfaced audio feeds into existing channels. Furthermore, Xander is well-versed in all VCOM system documentation and can answer users’ technical inquires any time – day or night.

Xander is now available to Intracom Cloud Customers.

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