As a trade publication covering the television broadcast industry, NewscastStudio works in tandem with industry leaders to deliver quality, timely content. NewscastStudio is dedicated to developing and maintaining productive relationships with readers and companies and organizations. 

Press releases

NewscastStudio may publish press releases from select companies. These press releases are always subject to editing for content, length, clarity and style. Content created from press releases is published with other content but is not bylined under a NewscastStudio staffer’s name.

Guest authors

NewscastStudio features content written by select third party individuals who may be affiliated with a third party company or organization. In these cases, NewscastStudio reserves the right to edit or reject any such content. The primary page any such content appears on will identify the author and, if applicable, his or her affiliation to any companies or organizations. Any opinions or advice expressed in this content are that of the author and may not reflect the opinions or advice of NewscastStudio, its publishers or editorial staff. 

Partner content

Partner content, or sponsor generated content, is content produced or curated by an advertiser that is posted on NewscastStudio and is published and promoted alongside NewscastStudio’s own editorial content. Sponsor generated content is designed to provide advertisers with the opportunity to spotlight products and services while also providing useful information to NewscastStudio readers.

NewscastStudio may provide editorial services for creating sponsor generated content and all such content is subject to review and approval by the partner.

All partner content will always be identified as “partner content” on the primary page it appears on. 

NewscastStudio reserves the right to edit or reject any sponsor generated content and it must meet general editorial quality guidelines in order to be featured. While NewscastStudio has reviewed all sponsored generated content, it cannot be responsible for the claims or information contained in the content.

For more information on advertising opportunities with NewscastStudio, including having your sponsored generated content featured on NewscastStudio, please visit this page.


NewscastStudio will honor embargoes placed on content by company representatives and typically will publish the content as soon as the embargo has been lifted. 

Affiliate links

NewscastStudio content may include links to websites offering products or services for sale. When readers click these links and perform certain actions, such as making a purchase or signing up, NewscastStudio may receive monetary or other compensation.


In some cases, content may provide links to the advertiser’s site, which may, in turn, collect personal information. NewscastStudio cannot be responsible for the privacy policies of the partner.