9 News

9 News

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Agenda Studio undertook a comprehensive rebrand of Australia’s 9 News in 2024, aiming to position it as the market leader with a premium and contemporary look. The project focused on leveraging Channel 9’s iconic 9 dots across all platforms, including news, digital and social media.

The team was encouraged to innovate and proactively set trends, resulting in a cohesive design that enhanced Channel 9’s distinctive elements. The rebrand included a range of visual elements such as openers, stings, headlines and weather graphics, all reflecting the new modern identity of 9 News.

Agenda Studio

  • Creative Director: Jean-Christophe Danoy
  • 3D/Design: Daniel Schnitzer
  • 3D/Design: Bartek Reszelski
  • 3D/Design: Matt White
  • Producer: Remy Danoy

Channel Nine

  • Andrew Peace: Creative Director, Programming and Production
  • Sarah Cunningham: Head of Design and Creative
  • Josie Macrae: Executive Producer of Development
  • Daniel Wick: Head of News
  • Daniella Scotti: Associate Producer
  • Dan Sol: Broadcast Design Manager
  • Mark Busuttil: Supervising Art Director
  • Ben McMurray