PBS News Hour

Washington, D.C.

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“PBS News Hour” introduced a new graphics package and studio on June 10, 2024, with a theme of “field of vision” to showcase varied perspectives.

This redesign coincides with an expansion of the WETA building in Arlington, Virginia, adding three studios and upgraded technical facilities, with “PBS News Hour” and “Washington Week” both relocating to the facility.

PBS also rebranded its news division as PBS News to create consistency across broadcast and digital platforms, working with Lippincott and conducting extensive research on the change.

The new motion graphics feature a distinctive navy color for the PBS News brand and retain the red accent for “News Hour.”

Angled elements inspired by the PBS logo were incorporated, drawing from historical designs. The animation style was made bolder and more dynamic to engage both older television audiences and younger viewers on social media. The design also highlights key values like trust and credibility through typography and motion graphics. Overall, the new look pays homage to the broadcast’s legacy while enhancing its modern appeal and technical capabilities.