BBC Sport UEFA Euro 2024

Berlin, Germany

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BBC Sport’s UEFA Euro 2024 studio, developed with AE Live, featured extended reality and augmented reality technology. Located at Pariser Platz in Berlin, the studio included two presentation areas inspired by Berlin’s Neues Museum, providing a unique viewing experience.

AE Live played a crucial role, delivering presentation graphics, match clocks, and real-time LED and AR set extensions for 27 matches. They partnered with Stype for camera tracking and Unreal Engine integration, ensuring seamless blending of virtual and physical elements. The indoor studio featured a mix of physical and virtual design elements, while the rooftop terrace offered a vibrant atmosphere for evening match build-ups.

Paul Kavanagh Studio created the virtual set designs, brought to life by AE Live’s Virtual Art Department. AE Live’s CUE application managed AR graphics, integrating with their data management system, Aether, to provide match stats and team data.

The rooftop terrace studio, with design by Jans Weber, uses similar technology to enhance the viewing experience, featuring a virtual floor window looking into the football museum. Both sets are operated with a remote workflow, with a core production team in Berlin and additional support from Media City.