Washington Journal

Washington, D.C.

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C-SPAN relocated its “Washington Journal” program to a new set inside Studio A in October 2023, moving away from its previous windowed studio at 400 N. Capitol Street. The show now shares Studio A with other C-SPAN programming, each with a distinctive space inside the studio. 

Designed by Eric Siegel and George Allison, the modern setup includes a triangular conversation table and vertical LED panels that display live or recorded views of notable Washington D.C. landmarks or graphics for special broadcasts, enhancing the visual experience and flexibility of the program.

The patriotic palette of the set is created by blue-washed background walls complemented by a striking red-and-white printed carpet featuring a map of the District of Columbia. Red-accented decorative diffusion panels in each of the wider views tie the shots together.

The revamp also enables evening broadcasts for events like the State of the Union Address, expanding the program’s airing schedule, while the redesigned studio layout facilitates better shooting angles and co-existence of multiple C-SPAN programs without compromising their distinct aesthetics.