For over 10 years, Neoti has remained at the forefront of the display industry through a combination of cutting-edge product offerings, custom and creative installation designs, and an unsurpassed dedication to its customers. Their expert staff has helped supply organizations from a variety of industries, from broadcast and athletics to enterprise and beyond, with seamless, high-definition LED screens designed according to their specific needs.

Neoti offers LED solutions for a broad range of different purposes and applications. For instance, the award-winning ultra-HD Ace Block series from Coleder comes in five different pixel pitch sizes (0.9mm to 2.5mm), making it perfect for everything from on-air television programming to in-person events. Its modular units are also cableless and front-serviceable, allowing them to be easily installed and maintained. In addition, Neoti is a reliable source for an array of outdoor-ready display products, such as the iF Design Award-winning Road Ready series.

Neoti will go beyond just setting you up with the right equipment and will work with your organization to brainstorm, develop, and implement a display system designed from the ground up to help you stand out. Neoti also maintains a full-service LED repair center staffed with experienced and certified technicians ready to assess and fix any problem, regardless of manufacturer or where the display was purchased. If needed, their technicians will even travel to address issues on-site.

With a company vision centered around customer satisfaction, superior products, and expert knowledge, Neoti is a go-to company for the world’s best LED display installations.

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