‘Meet the Press’ to debut new set and look Sunday


“Meet the Press” will be debuting a new sleek set this weekend and David Gregory gave an early tour.

The set appears to have bookcases all over with two large RP screens. The set also features two desks, one round and one rectangle. More photos and a video tour after the jump.

“This new set offers a fresh look and added versatility that will enhance our interviews and better engage our viewers,” said executive producer Betsy Fischer on MSNBC.com. “It’s a thoughtful combination of contemporary design elements in a stately setting – keeping with the longstanding history of the program.”





An interesting design element of the set is mirrored walls, we wonder how this will look in HD.

The new set debuts May 2 during “Meet the Press.” We’ll have a complete review along with high quality photos next week.

Also, the show will debut new graphics with a new logo:


Video Tour:

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  • Sorry to say, it’s busy and distracting to the extreme.

  • Interesting that in today’s E-Reader revolution, they have placed bookshelves. I just hope they are placing serious titles in there instead of buying from the flea market. In HD, it may be possible that we could read the spines.

  • Cajundweeb

    Really cool. It’s about TIME they ditched that old set!!

  • Anonymous

    This is lovely window dressing… but how about a new host? Tim Russert he isn’t.

  • Anonymous

    Spot on, James Caster! They seem to be EVERYWHERE these days!

  • James Caster

    Totally Clickspring!

  • Anonymous

    Looks nice! Darker than the previous one, but maybe that’s just for the preview. Nice clean logo too.