WNEP-TV unveils new home


Here are some photos from the new set at WNEP-TV in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pa.


As reported previously, the new set, designed by FX Group, features a three-by-three flat screen array behind the main anchor desk. The station reused its existing anchor desk but added some “wings” to the sides and a new glass surface.


The camera right and left walls are a large span of duratran in blue and yellow, though parts of the backgrounds become a bit muddy and skew more toward green. Either side of the set also includes a flat screen monitor.

We’re not crazy with how the tops of the monitor stands poke up behind the screen.


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  • Frank Hanley

    Back some 20 years ago I retired from my position as engineering supervisor with a NYC market tv network station. Never, in all my many decades in tv broadcasting have I seen such horrible set lighting as your News Home Base. Those responsible for that terrible extremely bright YELLOW SPLASH between the home base heads should be fired. That has to be hitting 100% on the video scopes eliminating balance and comfortable viewing. And while your at it, put a jell screen over that wall of monitors — they’re too bright and too busy.

    Audio people — every hear of acoustical phase distortion?

    Good Luck !!!

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