Green Bay station debuts HD with new look

WBAY-TV, the Young Broadcasting owned ABC affiliate in Green Bay, Wisc., has debuted HD news with a new set from FX Group.

The set is part of a group-wide Young Broadcasting design, including WTEN-TV in Albany, N.Y. and WKRN-TV in Nashville and features a rear projection screen camera center, floor to ceiling duras to the left and right, a small, two-person anchor desk and a small weather center.

The station did spring for an addition not seen on other versions of the set — two vertical frosted panels in front of the camera left and right duras.

In addition to the new set, the station also introduced new graphics and is branding as “Action 2 News HD” (it was previously known as simply “Action 2 News”).

The new graphics are a mix of bold blue with red accents and include layered rings somewhat reminiscent of the old Hearst television stations package.

For breaking news, the red becomes the dominant color.

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  • I agree with you.  Young Broadcasting is one of the biggest jokes when it comes to professionalism.  Every day, I am surrounded by inane nitwits who need their hand held with even the simplest task.  

    I was given the opportunity to hire many superior candidates for on-air and  behind the scenes positions, but I mostly had no choice but to hire subpar candidates because Young Broadcasting forced me with their red tape.  I actually had to hire an assignment editor who needed my help to save changes to a Microsoft Word document.

    As I have always said for years, attitude is everything.  Next to NS, I’m part of the best agency in the news business, however in spite of this, at times I feel they pulled a Joel Fleischman on me.  I don’t deserve to be subjected to incompetence 24/7; in any event I’m losing plenty of sleep over all of this.  Sometimes I wish Young would just give me a permanent vacation from all of this garbage.

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  • Anonymous

    This would look better if the lighting wasn’t so mushy and flat. This set looks like someone left the fluorescent work lights on rather than lit the talent and the set.