Philadelphia CBS using temp set

Philadelphia CBS O&O KYW-TV is broadcasting from a temporary set.

The flash cam position has been used before, but now it appears to be the newscasts home.

The Jack Morton PDG set has been in use for many years and seen its share of changes, including an updated desk.

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  • Eric

    I seem to be noticing Jack Morton’s PDG and FX Design Group on CBS O&O’s. It remains to be seen if the new KYW set will be by PDG or FX. I see KCBS/KCAL keeping their news sets in place for now.

    In the case other CBS O&O stations…

    WFOR: I don’t particularly like the current set… and could picture Miami getting a new set from either PDG or FX.

    WJZ: I could picture Baltimore getting PDG or FX, as well as the CBS O&O graphics. As for theme music… I’m aware that “Chroma Cues” is to WJZ, just like “Move Closer To Your World” is to WPVI. I could see WJZ commissioning updates to its longtime music, to make it sound less-dated… just like WPVI would do for MCTYW.

    WWJ: I’m aware that Detroit is currently airing morning newscast (First Forecast Mornings). I believe WWJ has potential at having a news department… and I could picture CBS considering adding newscasts at Noon, 6PM, and 11PM with the existing morning newscast… and additional newscast coming at a later date. I believe either PDG or FX would look great on WWJ.

  • Ryan

    A bit early in my opinion, they have only been in their new studios since 2007. Shouldn’t need a set update yet.