‘Today’ moves to roomier desk in Studio 1A

NBC is making changes to Studio 1A with the addition of a new home for the anchors.


The new desk, already in use on “Weekend Today,” seats four comfortably. This brings Al Roker and Natalie Morales closer, and allows for more interaction with the main hosts.


The new desk changes Morales position, adding a OTS graphic and dumping the large monitor previously behind her.

With “Today” second in the ratings, we’ll see what else they shake up in an attempt to regain the top spot.

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  • Chris

    Trying to get the GMA group feel. Today needs a complete studio renovation. It was edgy, it no longer is.

  • Eric

    Studio 1-A was renovated in 2006… the only other recent change made was back during the 2012 Olympics… new monitors on the window that looks out on the plaza. Weeday editions are using the desk that’s been seen on weekend editions.

    CBS This Morning has the round-table at its Studio 57 set. Not sure about NBC possibly wanting to do a round-table at their Studio 1-A set. What really damaged Today was that infamous debacle over Ann Curry’s dismissal as Today co-host, then being quickly replaced by Savannah Guthrie, and many believing that Matt Lauer was in on the debacle. Rumors and rumblings have circulated about CNN wooing Curry their way… CNN has already wooed Chris Cuomo and Jake Tapper away from ABC.