Notable Channel 2 TV station logo designs

The channel number 2 is much more common since it’s also, at least the United States, the lowest possible one on the dial.

What does this mean? A plethora of variations of Channel 2 logos at TV stations across the U.S.

Oh, and if you don’t see your favorite “2” here, let us know for possible inclusion in a future installation of this series!

WESH-TV, the Hearst Television NBC affiliate in Orlando, has a somewhat unique lockup for its channel number. While the use of the red circle isn’t all that unique among TV station logos, what is unique is the fact that the number sits slightly outside of it near the bottom.

The numeral 2 also uses a distinctive look — a flourish on the “hook” of the number with a descending stroke that quickly narrows gives the top portion of the logo a slightly more weighty feel.

One state north of Orlando is Cox Media’s WSB-TV, the ABC affiliate for Atlanta. This channel also uses a distinctive numeral 2 — though in its case the gold toned, sans serif character is a bit heavier on the bottom.

The station also lets the upper arch of the “2” peek out above the blue box that contains it.

Green Bay, Wisc.’s WBAY-TV, owned by Media General, uses a variation of the ubiquitous “Circle 7” logo concept in what could be referred to as a “Circle 2” logo.

Although, unlike most variations of the Circle 7 logo, the numeral in the circle doesn’t touch the surrounding ring, there are many similarities between the designs.

WBAY-TV, meanwhile, uses a custom number 2 with an extended base with a curved right edge that matches the curve of the nearby ring.

Graham Media’s KPRC-TV in Houston has one of the more unique designs for a Channel 2 logo.

The station uses an extreme, custom drawn number two that was a sharp angle that conveys action and movement. Cut out of the negative space is a star, a not-to-subtle nod to the “Lone Star State” moniker.

The razor sharp point on the left side of the “2” has been carefully positioned to jut out from the blue box that contains the logo, a nice touch that draws even more attention to the element.

Similar to KPRC-TV’s logo, over in Dayton, Ohio, WDTN-TV also uses a sharply angled number 2 in its logo, though the Media General station positions its number slightly different.

The number is also placed within an oblong oval shape with its pointed edge on the left side also peaking out of its container, as does the right side of the base stroke.

It’s worth noting that the angle on the right side of the base is subtly tied to the angle on the right side as well as the path of the oval outline behind it.

This post is part of a semi-regular series on NewscastStudio that takes a look at TV station and network logos that include the numbers 1 and up. These posts aren't meant to be a comprehensive list of all logos featuring the number in question, but rather a look at notable logos with creative, historic or an otherwise significant impact on branding design. If you have other logos with the number featured in this post, feel free to share it in the comments.

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  • Matt

    KJRH in Tulsa

  • Aaron Lewis

    Don’t forget WJBK in Detroit, KTVI in St. Louis, WBBM in Chicago, KUTV in Salt Lake City, WGRZ in Buffalo, KREM in Spokane, KHON in Honolulu, KATU in Portland, KWGN in Denver and WFMY in Greensboro.

  • FreeRightsUSA

    I still miss the old WSB 2 sylized number. It was classic but they dropped it for a more generic look.

  • Eric

    Other Channel 2 stations with unique logos that didn’t get included that are worth noting… KTVU, the San Francisco Fox O&O, and its iconic circle 2 that’s been a staple since its days under Cox Media Group ownership. WCBS, the New York CBS O&O, and its 2 logo, and the NYC station keeping it, and not going with what is currently seen on its LA, Chicago, and Pittsburgh sister stations. These 2, along with WESH, WSB, and KPRC do stand out.


    Hey Mike, how about the two from KTVU…that’s very distinctive for one of the nation’s top stations….

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    @TVNewserEr:disqus Thanks for the head’s up. Turns out our THINK (or maybe you meant “thick”) skin can handle it…

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