New NBC affiliate package debuting soon

An anonymous tipster sent NewscastStudio these screen grabs. NBC Artworks is currently putting the final touches on a new NBC division wide news graphics package. The package will begin its rollout in May and then continue with the lead up to the Beijing Olympics (Dallas O&O KXAS-TV has been using elements of this package in promos for a while now).

Here is a sneak peak…

The package starts with a bold open as the peacock bursts into layers all creating a peacock feather. The package uses these same peacock feather elements throughout.

The lower third is simplistic and to the point allowing viewers to easily see the information.


The OTS also is to the point. Each element features the new colors of yellow and blue.

Overall, the package is a great new addition to the NBC family and will look great in HD. Stay tuned for its launch in the coming weeks.