Gannett centralizes with G3

As reported in Broadcasting & Cable, Gannett Broadcasting and Chyron have reached a multiyear deal to use Chyron’s new Axis system.

The axis system allows stations to work on graphics using a simple online interface and requires less computer power and specialized software.

“Axis is a subscription service that allows users to create template-based graphics at their desktop through a Web-based interface, then renders the graphic on its own servers and delivers the finished product as a file transfer via the Internet.”

Any specialized graphics will be created at Gannett Broadcastings headquarters in Denver at KUSA-TV by Gannett Graphics Group. This move is a move towards centralization, a move which Media General, Sinclair, and others are also making.

With this centralization will come some job cuts to the creative services sector.  It will be interesting to see if this technology is a step forward, or like centralizing weather talent and anchors, a step backward.