New set design firm Fifteenhundred launched

We have some exciting news to share with NewscastStudio users.

HD Media Ventures, LLC, the new parent company of NewscastStudio, is launching our own set design company called Fifteenhundred.

We realize this is a big, bold step for us as both a company and Web site. However, we want to assure you it’s not going to affect the way we report on the set design industry or any other areas we cover. We are, as always, very enthusiastic about the industry as a whole and will continue showcasing other firms’ creativity and projects. All set design firms contribute valuable ideas to newscasts across the country and drive the industry as a whole.

In addition, NewscastStudio will continue to accept advertising from other creative services companies as well as help promote their work and news as much as possible.

It’s important to note that Fifteenhundred and NewscastStudio will remain separate entities.

For more information about Fifteenhundred, visit our Web site at