Photos, screen grabs from new Miami HD newscasts added

We’ve added photos and screen captures of the new set and graphics at WPLG-TV in Miami. The station, owned by Post-Newsweek, recently moved into a new facility and debuted HD newscasts with a splash of color.

The station’s set was designed by Aldo Alvaerz and FX Group, according to a post on FX’s Web site, and features a broad selection of bold colors arranged in layered panels framed with metal. Click here to see images of the set and click here to check out the graphics package.

Dubbed the “stained glass” set by some, the set definitely gives WPLG a unique look that’s sure to stand out. Despite the explosion of color, the main anchor area still manages to look sophisticated and shots seem to have a nice sense of depth.

The set has multiple venues, with the anchor traveling from the main set to the weather and sports sets for those segments, which is a great way to maintain visual interest and interaction between talent. The set seems to be designed for mostly standing positions as well, including at the main anchor desk.

However, the colorful and unique nature of the set doesn’t work quite as well in the weather center and sports area. The desk appears to be almost too tall.


For example, the weather center features a vertical panel with television-screen shaped cutouts. Though it’s a nice way to add some additional layers and depth to a set, the shape just feels a bit out of place on a news set. The background of rippled fabric, however, creates a unique look that’s complemented by matching layered panels carried over the main set. Also take note of the lighting effect on the left side of the shot.

Likewise, the undulating vertical strips of red material on the sports set feel a bit out of place for news. It’s also a bit disconcerting to have this area look so different from the main set without some elements continued. However, that very well could have been the strategy behind the design; create unique “neighborhoods” for each kind of news.

That said, WPLG and the set designers certainly deserve credit for taking what some might consider a edgy, risky design and having an end result that works pretty well.

The station’s graphics package is a nice combination of blues, oranges, yellows and pinks with 3D elements and textures. However, the graphics could have been matched a little better to the set. For example, the OTS shown in the sports shot above doesn’t quite mesh with the redish-pink hue of the background elements. It would have also been interesting to see some of the floating semi-transparent panel make their way into the graphics package.