NewscastMix launches viewer-customizable news Webcasts

HD Media Ventures, LLC has launch an exciting new venture for TV news. The complete announcement follows.

An innovative new solution allows stations to offer viewers customized news Webcasts along with a new revenue stream via targeted advertising.

The service, called NewscastMix, solves one of the most common complaints about traditional newscasts: Viewers say they’re not interested in the stories they’re seeing.

“More viewers are going online and stations need to find a way to keep that audience. NewscastMix puts a new spin on online news video that delivers finely targeted content to each viewer,” said Michael P. Hill, whose company HD Media Ventures, LLC, created NewscastMix.
HD Media Ventures licenses NewscastMix as a white label solution to content providers, including local television stations. The advanced back end management system allows content providers to finely customize the look and feel of NewscastMix’s video player and user interface to match their brands by specifying logos, colors and fonts.

Content providers then offer the service to their audience, who sign up for accounts and indicate subject and geographic priorities. This process is simplified using a three-step process NewscastMix calls “Click. Pick. Mix.” that features a easy-to-use drag and drop interface to designate preferences.

Users can also tell the system how long their newscast should run and indicate different lengths for different days of the week or times of the day. This feature is helpful for users looking to watch, for example, a quick summary of the news before leaving for work and a longer program at lunchtime or the evening. Each of these configurations can also have unique subject and geographic preferences.

NewscastMix also gives stations a new revenue source in the growing online video advertising market. Using their existing sales teams, stations can monetize NewscastMix and allow advertisers to target users based on the time of day or specific subject or geographic criteria.

For example, a local pizza parlor could elect to have its ads play around 4 p.m. to viewers who live and work within a specific ZIP code.


Advertisements are delivered in the form of “surround sessions” that include a pre-roll video ad, custom background image for each campaign, text ads in the interface’s news ticker and a post-roll video ad, as well as a banner ad that appears when programming is paused.

“Surround sessions create a can’t-miss experience,” said Hill, adding that this allows stations to maximize revenues.

NewscastMix can also be used by non-news content providers, including documentary, sports, educational or corporate content, as well as newspapers, radio stations and other media groups looking for a unique was to present video content.

NewscastMix is available on a market-exclusive arrangement and a tiered pricing structure based on market ranking. A 30-day free trial is available as well.

Attendees of NAB 2009 in Las Vegas can contact NewscastMix to arrange for a no-obligation demo.

For more information about NewscastMix, visit or e-mail