KTVX-TV dismantles current set to prepare for move to HD

KTVX-TV, the Salt Lake City ABC affiliate, has carefully dismantled its current set to make way for a new HD set.

Robert Maxwell writes on his blog at abc4.com:

Like most things, change can be scary. And it’s challenging. So when the bosses told us they would be tearing out the old news set and replacing it with a snazzy high-definition one I was initially overjoyed and excited. It’ll soon mean state-of-the-art viewing for you on any sized screen.

Fortunately, minds more visionary than mine got together and developed a rather stunning “temporary” set at the far end of the newsroom. Our talented crew of engineers even built a sleek looking background wall which is back lit in the familiar soothing blue. In fact, this set is cleaner and seems more brightly lit than the old one which I don’t miss one bit!

I hear we’ve donated the old desk and platforms (which stood strong for 11 years’ worth of newscasts and special reports) to a local high school for its broadcast program. No doubt they’ll be well used and loved for several more years as future Diane Sawyers come of age.

The previous set lasted 11 years at KTVX-TV.



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