CNBC rolls out updated newsroom studio


CNBC quietly rolled out some major studio updates with its new program additions.

The previous newsroom studio, designed by PDG, was updated with many new LED elements, a ton of monitors everywhere and new desks. Continue reading for more images and analysis. The refresh, with some entirely new components, was designed by John Casey of i.e. Design Events

One of the new areas is designed mainly for “The Stategy Session” and features a high tech background with a unique desk. This area was built by blackwalnut.



“The Strategy Sessions” set follows the trend of recent NBC News sets by incorporating a monitor into the desk, which they jib into many times during broadcasts to “analyze” and show data.

The desk also has a very interesting shape and can accommodate a large amount of hosts and guests. The desk is created of solid wood with stainless steel inlays, according to the fabricator.



The main home base set was updated with a new silver desk and many LED elements. The newsroom also appears to have been tweaked with darker lighting that gives it a more dramatic appearance on air.



It appears most parts of CNBC’s newsroom studio was modified in this update. Part of this change may have been motivated by HD, as the newsroom studio was beginning to show its age compared to those of Fox Business News.

Most of the updates look good on air and take CNBC into a new decade with a fresh modern look.

These pictures don’t do the set justice, we’re working to obtain better ones.