CBS College Sports Network brands with Stephen Arnold Music

The CBS College Sports Nework has debuted a new sonic brand from Stephen Arnold Music, including new promos and IDs set to signature compositions.

”CBS was clear about what they didn’t want: the typical big network finish with screaming brass,” says Stephen Arnold, President of Stephen Arnold Music. ”Instead, the concept was to create an energetic contemporary score with guitar, electronic sounds and driving rhythms.”

For the brand, Stephen Arnold Music recorded live marching snares and rototoms in their Dallas studios, then combined those live elements with guitar tracks, drum loops and subtle electronic elements. The result is a package of :10’s, :05’s, and longer beds of well-balanced arrangements that lay off heavy strings and horns, keeping the feel percussive and quick-moving.

”College sports are about tradition,” said Arnold. ”Alumni have been watching for years, and they’re faithful to their schools. At the same time you need a new feel because the current student body is watching too, and that’s a younger demographic. The balancing act for CBS CSN was to make music that expresses the spirit of competition and the excitement of being there for the battle, but with a totally modern edge. We understand that a memorable set of notes is the X-factor in that mix. That’s the core of a theme like this with a serious shelf-life that sticks for a long time in the viewer’s minds.”