ABC News clutters set for election coverage


ABC News, which unveiled a new set for “World News” made good use of the studio for its election coverage, though at times things seemed a bit tight and haphazard.

The set was slightly reconfigured to allow for two anchors and some additional seating added for commentators. Unfortunately, these commentators seemed a bit like an afterthought and the overall look was quite as polished as the looks seen on other election sets. The three commentators seated to camera right especially seemed squeezed for space and in some shots looked a bit like kids sitting at the grown-up table.

News staffer seating was also added in the areas to the left and right of the anchor desk, another element that added to the cluttered look.


Many of the screens found throughout the set were used to display data rather than simply logos or feeds.


The set’s main feature, a giant rear projection screen, displayed an elegant looped background featured glass-like stars and a subtle stripe “field” below.


The set also featured some colored backlit panels, which are normally white, to add to the patriotic theme. Colored lighting splashed against walls also added to the overall look.