With Stephen Arnold Music, ‘It’s All About Early’


Stephen Arnold Music has created a new syndicated image campaign for stations, dubbed “It’s All About Early.” The package features a fully-produced and edited audio/video package designed to promote local morning news.

“With ‘It’s All About Early,’ we’re providing stations around the country with innovative, promotional solutions that are also extremely cost-effective,” said Stephen Arnold, President of Stephen Arnold Music. “Many stations have reduced staffs working within increasingly tight budget constraints. That’s why we’ve created a fresh, no-hassle new look for the morning newscast, which is such a valuable part of every station’s daily schedule.”

Shot in HD and composed by SAM, “It’s All About Early” provides local stations with an affordable market-exclusive package that can hit the air immediately, or be customized with local footage of lyrics. The image campaign is available in 60s/30s/15s/10s and ID format, with both male and female vocal versions, as well as instrumentals, donuts and tag versions.

“This package is designed to make a local station look and sound better immediately and affordably,” said Arnold. “‘It’s All About Early’ is a natural extension of what we do at Stephen Arnold Music: create useful media tools made specifically for the way broadcasters work today.”

In addition, the songs are available on iTunes for viral promotions.